How to fetch data from other Blynk connected hardware (ESP8266)

I have a project idea that separate control and sensor device and have them connected to a mobile app (Blynk), here is my current problem.
I have 2 ESP8266 connected to 1 Blynk app in local server. The first ESP8266 is an actuator node and the second ESP8266 is a sensor node. I like to have my actuator node to fetch a sensor reading from the sensor node while having Blynk send the data to my Blynk app.

My current solution is to use Bridge Widged Virtual Write to communicate with both devices by having the actuator send a bridge.virtualWrite request to the sensor node and the sensor node will reply with bridge.virtualWrite to the actuator node.

However I would like to know if there is a better method than this. With my current method, the communication will be asynchronous and the actuator node have to wait for unknown period of time before a sensor reading is returned.

I think that if you’re using Bridge code correctly, a Blynk.virtualWrite from one device should result in a BLYNK_WRITE callback being triggered on the other device.


Yes, my current solution is something like this :

Actuator Node

Sensor Node
if(param.asStr() = "GET_READING"){
I like to know if there is a better solution to this like can [this] be used in my Acutator Node (ESP8266 + Blynk) to request a sensor reading from my sensor node(

From the limited amount of information that you’ve shared, it seems to me that you’re doing this the wrong way around.
The sensor node should be doing the Blynk.virtualWrite, which will trigger the BLYNK_WRITE callback on the actuator node.

Whether you choose to simply write data from your sensor every five seconds or so and let the actuator node decide if any action is required; or only write data if you need the actuator to do something is up to you.