How to export a data from blynk IoT

how to export a data from Blynk Iot 2.0


it cannot download a report

isit need purchase a plan in Blynk IoT for download a report purpose?



why i cannot generate report?

since i have a data but why cannot generate a report

@DavidTong hello.

You get some error or you don’t see the menu item “download report”?

I have no idea, but you haven’t shared any information about how you’ve configured your datastreams, what criteria you are using in the report screen and what error messages you get.


Hi David,

Yes, to get the “Data export to CSV” feature you must have at least a “Plus” plan - Pricing | Blynk - IoT platform for businesses

Dmitriy from Blynk

Apologies, I was wrong about that, this is now a Plus/Pro option. But there is an “Upgrade” button next to the option in the free account to make that clear…



it stated as no data can be generated.

You can use Node-RED to export the data directly to Google Sheets without coding, something like this:

how to export data in mobile dashboard