How to Duplicate Tab Widget Settings?


I have a project with four tabs in the Tab Widget, each tab displays the same range of data from separate areas of my house. Each tab has nine widgets and multiple data sources. I want to create a new tab with the same layout, same widgets for a new area in the house.

Is there a way to duplicate a tab (all layout, customisations, pin assignments etc), add all these settings to the new tab, then I’ll just change the associated device as required?


Currently the App has NO copy/paste options :frowning: … It seems all such efforts must be done by manually recreating one widget at a time.

… Unless you wish to use a Local Server and dig into the JSON code that is created for each project… But probably quicker manually :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, pretty much thought that . . . was clutching at straws . . . maybe cut/paste will be in Blynk 2.0 . . .


You can duplicate individual widgets. You can also use Device Tiles for devices with similar functionality.

That is true… most settings are retained, you just need to reset the vpin and then drag the cloned widget to the new tab and reposition it. Minor improvement over starting from scratch, but still not without picky efforts when dealing with a full screen of widgets.

But, apparently if you hover the “to be copied” widget over the duplication icon (as I inadvertently did while trying to screenshot it), it will keep automatically making new copies :astonished: (not a bad feature now that I know about it)

Now excuse me while I go and manually delete about 30+ extra widget copies :innocent: … one at a time… since we also can’t select multiples of widgets yet :stuck_out_tongue:


@Bill_Donnelly I’d use the device-selector instead of making copies to multiple tabs …


Thnx, that would work if planning a project with multiple devices from the start, but in my case the project is growing as I add capability.

Not a major issue, I’ll wait for Blynk2.0 and see what that brings . . .