How to display data read from analog pin to terminal widgets?

Is there a way to Display Data Read From Analog Pin to Terminal Widgets?

There are a few ways, all documented in the Help Center files.

For example… assuming the Terminal is on V0 and the Analog pin you want to read is A0 (and there is something attached to supply a proper value) then run this command in a BlynkTimer timed function like normal.

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, analogRead(A0), "\n");  // Value print with line feed

Or use the ‘special’ terminal commands…

WidgetTerminal terminal(V0);  // In presetup
terminal.println(analogRead(A0));   // Print values, like Serial.println
terminal.flush();   // Ensure that data was sent out of device

Thank you, @Gunner I’m sorry I’m not focused enough on reading and studying.