How to dispaly data from any site?

Hello everyone, I need help. I need to take a specific information from the site and display it in the Blynk app.
I have seen that I should transform the site into the get request, but how to do this? May be other solutions?

Thank you for your help)!!!

What EXACTLY are you trying to achieve?
Does “the site” that you are trying to obtain data from have an API.


No, this is normal site. I need to stream the temperature from it.

Would you like to provide a URL, some info about where the temperature data comes from, how you want to use the data, how you expect to extract the data from the site etc?


this is site

and i need to take temperature from it

Okay, well that site is getting its data from
They do have an API, the documentation is here…


mmmmm, first question I don’t understand what is it and second it’s not possible to download the site in real time in to esp8266 and then parse the code and find the data that I need. The problem is that I don’t understand what should I do with API.

With the API, you should extract all data with Json and display them on blynk app

Ok, I still don’t understand well, but if I need to take a different value (I also need the wind from this site) how to get it?

Is it possible to take wind data also?

Yes wind, sunrise , etc …

I know that they using wind meter, thermometer and all information from this site is from station on the beach. (i was there).

Is it possible take data directly from this site ?

This is London?

I guess that it is, but you’’d be on your own when it came to writing and maintaining that code. It’s many times more complex to do that than use the API, especially when Blynk gives you two ways of doing the API call. Either as a standard C++ API call or using the Webhook widget.

It’s an example.
Many weather services provide data for locations around the world. You may find it easier to use a different weather service where someone has already shared the method on this forum, provided that service covers the location you are interested in.


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OK thanks, I will do something with this information.