How to determine which phone is connected to the Blynk server

I would like to ask if there is a way to determine which phone is connected to the Blynk server to control, for example, identifying a Mac address.

I don’t think so, and as there can be multiple phones/tablets connected to a project at any one time I guess what you’re really asking is can you identify which device activated a particular widget?

There isn’t a simple way I’m afraid, but I believe that it’s something that’s planned for Blynk 2.0


I can determine if an Android or Iphone device is connected or disconnected from the Blynk Server



Serial.println(“blynk app connects server”);
Serial.println(“blynk app disconnects server”);
For Android and Iphone phones after opening Blynk app will notify blynk app connects server. but only after the Blynk app exits the Android device, it will notify blynk app disconnects server now. And ios phone after about 3 minutes it has the notice

Is that 100% reliable?
Does it vary if you kill the app on your device, or power the device down?

Either way, I don’t see how it helps very much, as you don’t know which device is online until one goes offline, and you could easily have a situation where both devices are online at the same time.


It is true that it is not 100% accurate, it’s only relative. Some of my applications need to identify which device is controlling the device. But Blynk has not supported it yet

If I had this as a serious requirement then I’d run different versions of the app, each linked to different virtual devices with their own auth code, then use Bridge to pull the data together.

That’s very easy in Node-Red, which is what I use, but very messy in Blynk code.


Can you share that demo project for my reference?

It’s not something I’ve done, as it isn’t a serious requirement for me.

If you are using Node-Red then I’d be happy to give you a few pointers that would get you moving in the right direction.