How to delete prototype templae on Blynk IoT mobile?

I accidentally create many protype template but I don’t find any delete button. How?

Go to then templates and click on the template you want to delete, click edit and you will see delete button.

on, there’s only one template. However, on blynk IoT mobile app, in home → wrench icon, it’s showed many templates. Perhaps it’s bug, need to confirm.

Have you tried to delete the app cache ?

How many devices (not templates) are showing in the web console?
Click the magnifying glass at the top of the left hand side to see devices.


Same Issue here. I cannot seem to be able to delete unused templates. Cannot locate them on the web dashboard, and clearing app cache did not help.

That’s a bug. We’ll fix it soon.


On Android there is a delete button with the following warning: “Delete Template. All data associated with your account will be delete permanently”.

It is unclear what the scope of this delete action might be. All data related to this template only or all data related to my account? In addition the no yes options are invisible in the dark mode.

Issue solve. This morning, the template showed up in the console ready to be deleted (with a clean explanation of the consequences).