How to convert Blynk CSV exported data to chart?

Hi friends. is any way to convert blynk exported CSV data to graphical chart ? I want showing exported CSV data on PC with graphical chart.


Excel, or any other spreadsheet, will have that ability.

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thanks. Im do it but there is no date and time ! maybe blynk cant be export date and time ?

There is… it is just in UI or Unix time (your column B)… Google for conversion options… probably even some topics here about it.

We already did that - checkout Reporting Widget.

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WoW thanks its working like a charm :heart_eyes:


Glad it works for you… mine insists there is no data, when I have months of it… I do not like tiles :frowning:

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In the latest release tiles are not required.

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Well, running App 2.26.1 and server-0.38.0-java8.jar only allows me to chose tile datastream… which shows in the tile, but says no data in the report.

And I don’t want to try server-0.38.1-with-8443.jar until I understand the “with-8443” bit

Hi friend

I got same problem with blynk data
i can not convert value to data and time.
Could you help me?
My email :

This is an old topic. The conversion method is simply an Excel formula… and there are many web sites discussing such. I think there was even a recent topic or post in this forum. Search for keywords like Excel, etc. with the “most recent” sorting selection

EDIT - here it is…

Meanwhile there has since been a new widget called the Reports widget. Please check it out in your up to date App, as the current CSV export will reportedly be discontinued and removed…