How to control blynk with Espruino IDE

Hey, everyone! I’m trying to control Blynk with Espruino IDE with JavaScript language. I’ve run and download the modules but the program won’t run…
Here’s my code
var WIFI_OPTIONS = “PLNBatam”;
var MQTT_HOST = “”; //free public broker, hosted by HiveMQ
var Wifi;
var mqtt;
var PATH = ‘KenanganUntukelen/’;
var staWi;
var BlynkLib = require(‘blynk-espruino’);
var blynk = new BlynkLib.Blynk(‘3aSlJWfZ5oQmakdmaLWfwobsdZQgwPeQ’);
var v1 = new blynk.VirtualPin(1);

/* Initialization function. Connects to predetermined Wifi access point and
then calls mqttConnect function if connection is successful. If not, it will
return an error message along with the error code. */
function onInit() {
wifi = require(‘Wifi’);
wifi.connect(‘TAMU-BRIGHT’, {password : ‘PLNBatam’}, function(error) {
if(error) {
console.log(“wifi tidak konek”);
staWi = false;
else {
console.log(“wifi konek”); //jika konek
staWi = true;
}) ;

/* Connects to broker (host). Will start other function if connection
successful. Otherwise, it will attempt to reconnect. */
function mqttConnect() {
console.log(‘Connecting MQTT…’);
mqtt = require(‘MQTT’).connect({
host : MQTT_HOST,
keep_alive: 60, // keep alive time in seconds
port: 13085, // port number
clean_session: true,
username: “regina”, // default is undefined
password: “regiinaa”, // default is undefined
protocol_name: “MQTT”, // or MQIsdp, etc…
protocol_level: 4, // protocol level
mqtt.on(‘connected’, function() { //CONNECTION SUCCESS
console.log(‘MQTT connected!’);
mqtt.subscribe(PATH + ‘#’); //subscribes to everthing under Kenanganuntukelen/
startYL69(); //calls function startDHT11 to start reading sensor
mqtt.on(‘publish’, mqttMessage);
mqtt.on(‘disconnected’, function() { //CONNECTION FAILED
console.log(‘MQTT disconnected… reconnecting…’);
setTimeout(function() {
}, 5000); //attempt reconnect to host after 5 sec

//This function retrieves message from the broker
function mqttMessage(pub) {
console.log('Message received from broker: ');
console.log(pub.topic, pub.message); //prints out topic and message

//This function reads the DHT11 and publish it to the broker
function startYL69(){
setInterval(function() { //function interval yg dijalankan selama dua detik
var hum = analogRead(A0)*100; //baca analogRead
hum = 100-hum;
hum = hum.toFixed(3); //tofixed bakal jadi string
hum = parseFloat(hum); //ubah jadi variabel lagi

if (mqtt.connected){    //cek mqtt,kalau mqtt connect 
	console.log(`Humidity: ${hum}%`); 
	mqtt.publish(PATH + 'yl69data',hum);
    v1.on('write', function(param) {
    console.log('Humidity:', param);
	var wi = wifi.getStatus().station;   //minta status,konek atau ngga
	if(wi != "connected"){   //cek lagi status wifi
		staWi = false; 
	else {   //cek internet kalau wifinya connected
	var p = require("Ping");{ address: '' }, function(err,data) { 
		console.log(data);   //kalau di ping ada data, ada balasan dari google
	if (data!==null){   //kalau ga ada data berarti null atau kosong

count = 0;
},2000); //sends data every 5 secs


Does anyone know what’s the problem? Thank you so much !

Welcome to the forum,

Please start by editing and fixing your post with properly formatted code as described in the instructions…


Then, perhaps you can supply more details on what, if any, errors you get. What diagnostics you have tried. Have you been able to get any simpler programs running, etc… you know… details :smiley:

Thank you.