How to change pin status when make a phone call

Hello, I would like to ask you guys if is possible to change status of a pin if a phone call is made to a specific number; my scenario: in my car I’m able to press a button to trigger a phone call to a number; so I would like to set a fictive phone number and when I press the button, my phone being connected to Bluetooth in the car will initiate a phone call; this should change pin value so I can open my garage door.
Is webhook a starting point?
PS: I’m using ESP8266 and a relay to open garage door like this: Start–>Stop–>Reverse–>Stop etc.
Thank you. Cris

Webhook or incoming API will be a way to tell Blynk something is happening, but you will need to find some other 3rd party App or process to initiate said API command when you need it.

Probably easier to just have a button widget (as in phone’s desktop widget) or two on the phone’s homescreen, along with some coded routine or something (aka must press three times within 1 second or something - whatever timing works with a homescreen button) to prevent accidental pushes opening your door all the time.

If you use android, then using tasker is the easiest way to do what you want. Just create a profile triggered when you call a fictive phone number and then send an API command.

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did someone tried this with tasker app? or do we have an example?

@cricri19top Well you can be the first for this particular application :wink: As for examples… well, this is not the tasker forum, so… no.

Take a look: [TUTORIAL] Blynk and Tasker

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It works with your proposal but only when I receive a call from a specific number or contact; in that case the variable is Caller Name (In) or Caller Number (In); for Called Name (Out) or Called Nubmer (Out) is not working; I have to investigate this or to check for another solution

Try this: Profiles->State->Phone->Call->Type->Outgoing & Number=1122

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Yes, this is it! I’m able to change pin state based on your proposal. Thank you.

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