How to Build/Deploy 3-4 units to family members

I am very new to Blynk - but love it.
I working on a simple NodeMCU board with a couple relays and LEDs - to control a hot water recirculation pump.

The project is coming along fine - my question is more logistically. Once I have this done - I want to make 2-3 more for family members. There are two aspects that I am uncertain of currently.

  1. How do I get the App to family members?
    a) Sharing is for MY hardware. This is not a good thing :-).
    b) Clone is a snapshot - but if I understand the other person needs an account with sufficient Energy - so it makes them a “developer” and then they could change/break it. Again not a good thing.
    c) Is there another alternative

  2. Authorization code entry. How do i get it into a device when it is “at their end”?
    a) Is there any method to start up Blynk on the hardware (maybe with a test authorization) and have it load/store the official authorization?
    b) I could use the Server Mode and create a web-page to support entry - but that could have its own challenges.

I thought of doing the CLONE to myself (assume that works) and i can use my Energy to build it - but then what? Share it? Well then I have a bunch of copies on my account.
Build multiple accounts - CLONE it over - get the Authorization code - modify the H/W - then give the family member the account info? But we are back that they are in developer mode again.

Bottom line - is there anything similar to a real - real small business model without publishing (i.e. manually providing things)?

Side note - everyone is iOS based in case that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance

Probably best method to give everyone access to the project is to have everyone log in with same account. They will all simultaneously see and control the same project then. And ‘simply’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: teach them NOT to stop and/or edit anything in the App.

Sharing is the only other option… and you can share to multiple users (they just scan the same QR on their own phone) but you cannot share more than one project at a time, as far as I know.

In case this is not commercial project you can create the account for every new user and share from those account access to hardware you built for them, so every member will have his own account and will not able to change anything after you setup it.

Otherwise - you can subscribe for the business plan where all of these issues are solved (

You don’t need multiple dev accounts. You can clone project for yourself N times, and then share each project with the corresponding fam member.