How to add project from blynk legacy to blynk 2.0

In blynk legacy, My friend send me qr code to download a project. Now i want used that project on blynk 2.0 . But i can not find way to add my project via qr code in blynk 2.0, please help me.

You need to re-create the project from scratch in Blynk 2.0, starting with using the web console to create a template and add datastreams.

Also, if you have a basic (free) Blynk 2.0 account then the range of widgets available in the app will be limited.


I think blynk should have a QR code scanning function to quickly create a project like the old version.
But may require purchase of Clone Project function

@luong5490 I think you should read this.

What do you say; I don’t understand!!!

Sorry, it was a mistake.