How to add multiple devices to a single project in MyApps production stage

hello @Dmitriy , i want to know , how to add multiple devices into a single app here as i shown in the picture ?
this picture is screenshoted in title tab of a project under My Apps (for Preview the developed app) .


@qkarthi This is an old topic… What version of App are you running?? That doesn’t look familiar to me.

This is what it should look like with version 2.15.3 (Android), and I imagine it should look similar for latest iOS App as well.


@Gunner sorry , i am using 2.15.0 , i did not have that option in my app UI. i will update my app and update you . thank you very much for reply @Gunner

@Gunner i am not using iOS , i am lineage OS user .

hello gunner , i refined my question . this ui is under my apps. its not related to the app version

@qkarthi finding it difficult to follow your posts but I think it’s specific to MyApps.

Can we have a screenshot that we can actually see?

What does that mean?

@Costas - It is the successor to the custom Android replacement ROM CyanogenMod.

@qkarthi - Basicly you are running the Android version of Blynk App… so simply upgrade to latest version of the Blynk App and you will have the multi-device option.

If need be, use a gapps zip package so you can access the Google Play store.

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@qkarthi just checked “MyApps” in Blynk.

If you move the BLYNK FACES slider to ON you can then select multiple projects which effectively should cover the multiple devices you are looking for.

Ah ha… I think I understand now… but it is probably still related to App version, as it seems this MyApps thing uses existing projects? and it is in those existing projects that you would first set up your multiple devices.

Unfortunately I really have no other knowledge about MyApps or Blynk Faces, etc… I just can’t seem to get my head around what they are meant for :blush:

yes , you are right , i need multiple devices in a single app and i like to add one or more devices in future ! for example if i choose kitchen , i want to have kitchen lamp and kitchen fan . when i chose living room , i want living room lights and fan . vice versa !

Easily done with current ver App. And unless you are looking toward publishing, I would not bother with the MyApps thing…

But if you do wish to publish, then I think adding devices down the road will be a case of modifying the base project then reissuing the MyApps publishing process… but as I said before, I am really am unsure about how it works, so that is just a guess.

yeah , i like to publish my app . so that’s why , i want to know the detail for that . if i published my app , the user must able to choose their device ( for example : kitchen monitor , living room monitor ) and they will able to find weather it is online or not . my devices are identical (esp 8266 ) . i want all my devices into my app with selection option in order to access them

Well, this is starting to look like it needs it’s own dedicated topic… we will see… EDIT: done.

I suspect that you would need to have a pre-set number of devices availed in your development project. Then, as a published app, the user could then “activate” as needed? (along the lines of how you can’t turn a 2 door production car into a 4 door… after the customer purchases it, then later has kids :stuck_out_tongue: )

yeah the faces allows me to choose the different projects into my app export . but i want to have more than one devices ( all devices are esp 8266 ) for a single app .

In the project you add multiple devices and then these will be available in MyApps.


@Costas thanks for your suggestion and guidence . finally i cleared my doubt :slight_smile:

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thanks i found before an minute finally.

@Gunner @Costas , when a project is added to blynk faces to export it into my apps region , the add device option is disabled in project . so that i was find a little bit trouble to find how to add a device into the project , when i deleted the export app , i was able to view and add multiple devices to my project .

You just need to ensure you have added all the required devices in the project(s) before creating the MyApp.