How often can I make requests vai Restful API

I have lots of sensors, and a raspberry pi reading all the data and publishing it to Thingspeak. My question is how often can I have a get request via the restful thing. I don’t want to flood the server (and I’d like to have using a local blynk server).
Thank you.

You will probably find your limitation is with Thingspeak rather than Blynk.

Oh, I’m careful with Thingspeak, I know I can only publish once every second. But I do more readings than that in the Pi. My python program reads all my values from the blynk connected sensors once a minute and then publishes it to Thingspeak (8 data fields per second actually). But some controllers are going to write to the blynk servers and I’m affraid of losing data because I accidently flooded blynk :\

EDIT : I read there’s a new improvement with the way it handles floods, maybe that will help me?

Open the docs page, press ctrl F (for find) and enter the word flood.
Same goes for any question you have regarding Blynk.

@LastCaress current limitation is 100 req/sec, however, on the Local Server you have no limits (well, only hardware :slight_smile:) You can tune them as you need.

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Thank you! 100 req/sec is way over what I need, I was just affraid of the occasional overlap!