How much a widget costs to build

Hi! Does a widget have to function in connection with an app or can it be built by itself?
and how much does a widget cost to build?

Thanks in advance

Yes but we generally call the app a Blynk project. Blynk wrote the app and you create Projects inside the app with the different widgets.

Each new user is given 2000 units of Energy and as some widgets only cost 100 units you can build lots of projects for FREE.

Widgets costs from 100 to 900 units depending how complex they are and the ongoing support costs incurred by Blynk.

Purchasing Energy, if you need any more than the FREE 2000 units is:

1000 - $0.99
2400 - $1.99
5000 - $3.99
13000 - $9.99
28000 - $19.99

So the more you buy the cheaper it is per unit. All this is shown in the app.

Energy is reusable so you can remove a widget from one project and the Energy is restored to you account to use in another project. There are a few exceptions to this like sharing your project and adding a homescreen button.

Thank you!

If a widget wants to be created in connection with a site, does all of this still apply?

I think you are going to have to expand on this question. You don’t have to give specific details but some idea of what you would like to do would help.

If you are a business owner you might be interested in the details at

This is for a project I’m working on for my honours. So, it is a site that visualises data and I want a widget to be connected to it instead of an app, since the widget will just feed the users quick facts.

Are you a coder?

What subject does your Honours cover?

So you have / want a “regular” website that provides users with some facts, right?

Are the facts based on data from sensors of some kind?

I think you may have misunderstood what Blynk’s widgets are. They are not like Wordpress widgets.

I am not a coder, but am using coding… It’s a multimedia course.


Yes, they are.

What are Blynk’s widgets for? How do they differ from Wordpress widgets?

They can only be used in conjunction with the Blynk Servers and the Blynk mobile App. However, it is possible to feed data to/from the Widget via HTTPrest API the Blynk server provides I believe, but that is a kind of a high-tech solution which definitely requires some coding skills.

@Lisa_Farren does your site / proposed site use Wordpress?

May we ask what type of sensors you are using and what hardware are they hooked up to?

Ah I see :slight_smile: @Lichtsignaal

@Costas I was not planning on building it with Wordpress… dreamweaver is what I practice with at the moment.

I’m using an API system… I was able to get it working but at a basic level.

I’ve been researching how much it would cost to build a widget for the site and can’t find anything. Do you know?

@Lisa_Farren I know Dreamweaver is defacto when I comes to web design but I have never used it, I’m more of a Wordpress kind of guy.

I’m not suggesting you switch to WP though as Dreamweaver should be able to provide what you need.

If it is for your Honours rather than a Commercial application then the cost should be negligible but I guess it will depend just how complex it is.

You didn’t say what sensors you are using and what hardware the sensors connect to.

Send me a message if you are not able to say openly on the forum and perhaps details of the API system you are currently using,

Lisa, Blynk widgets are “blocks” of interface with some specific function that work either to control hardware or visualize the incoming data from hardware.

There are also some widgets that enable features, like push notifications and widgets that are just UI elements, like Tabs, which adds ability to create multiple pages.

@Costas how do I message you on here? I’m new to this.

@Pavel Thank you… I understand that, but I’m having trouble find out the costs of one. Specifically for one that brings in incoming data from a site.

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I’ve deleted a post by @DorothyBower that is nothing at all to do with Blynk, and which contained a link to a video conferencing plugin for Wordpress.

This whole topic isn’t really about Blynk app widgets, but seems to have begun because of a desire to display Blynk data on a website.
If this is what readers of this topic are trying to achieve then I’d suggest that they look at the Blynk API as a way of extracting the data, and the appropriate web coding forums if they require assistance with manipulating/displaying the data obtained in that way.

Topic closed.