How many emails can be delivered per day using Blynk server?

Hi I am testing my Project with email trigger functions.
However, I have tried a half day, but suddenly cannot sent any emails.
(But push notification and serial monitor shown correct and normal)
I found someone said that only 100 emails can be sent per day by Blynk cloud.
Is it true? When will it be refresh the quota?
(e.g. I sent out the 100th email at 3:00 pm, it will refresh the quota on next day 3:00 pm?
Am I correct?)

How frequently and many did you actually send?

As per documentation…

I would think that the 100 message limit on Cloud server referred to email as well as notifications?? Test it and confirm.

Probably every 24 hours from reached limit? The developers seem to be busy, so you could time it and likely get your own answer just as quick or quicker :wink:

I just count the email I sent out yesterday, it really arround 100 emails.

It seems it refresh the limit on every 24 hours, as my 1st email sent out yesterday was 10:40 am, and now I can send an email at 10:40 am today.

However, the limitations applied on Project or Blynk Account?
As I may apply this email project on around 100 sites, each site contains one independent project for management.

Probably account.