How long do blynk functions take?

I am using a particle photon and some:

if (millis() % period == 0) {

I am getting some slightly unusual timing results and I was wondering how long blynk writes take and if its possible that I am missing time as above?

I am talking about things like writing values to say 3 or 4 virtual pins.

Does the command perhaps fire quicky and only take a few micro seconds or does it maybe wait for a server response and connfirmation which might take a few milli seconds?



It does not wait for response, but network operations may take arbitrary time anyway

arbitrary as in its unlikely that I would miss a whole millisecond count with:

Blynk.virtualWrite(readout_1, avgPressure);
Blynk.virtualWrite(readout_2, time);
Blynk.virtualWrite(readout_3, pressure);


Arbitrary means you could miss any amount of millis :wink:
Please read this:
and use BlynkTimer or similar

Ok perfect thanks, at least now I know its possible I will avoid timing seconds in that way.

I know its slightly crude but I was doing some running averages at 200ms and needed some operations to happen once a second.

The base code was fine but i half suspected that after blynk implementation or any other more complex functions it was going to break!