How I can made multiple copy of existen project?

Hi, Blynkers.
It is goal to made multiple copy of existen project.
In this case, the editing of one of them is not reflected in all other copies and in the original.
Is it possible?
Thank You.

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Cloned projects are just snapshots.

Shared projects are more dynamic but probably not what you want.

You will need to publish your projects on the 2 β€œstores”, see

Thank You, Costas.
May be to create a new multiple projects which will be similar exactly like original project?

I have done it by simply Cloning a project on one phone and scanning the QR on a 2nd tablet (all Android and all on same account). I then change the name of the copied project (to keep from getting confused ;)) and authcode to the new hardware.

Both are now independent projects with identical layouts, but running separately and editable separately. This will also work just as well from one account to another.

@Gunner I take it that the OP wants to edit a project that was previously released as a clone / copy and that the editing is reflected in the cloned / copies versions. That is why I recommended publishing the apps.

Thank You.