How does Blynk work commercially

Good day - I have a few questions about how Blynk operates from business / commercial perspective.
I have done a moderate amount of searching and reading up as much as I can but I am still left with these questions (sorry if they have been covered somewhere that I am not aware of):

  1. If I sell a product that uses Blynk services ( lets assume I am a Blynk Pro user) - I can then charge the client a monthly / annual connection fee - which would then ultimately cover the Blynk monthly fee and as the device number increases (beyond 10), I would then have to pay Blynk a higher fee for the additional devices ? Have I got this right ?

  2. If I have understood Q1 correctly - would I be able to deactivate any client that has not paid their monthly fee ?

  3. How is the app distributed to the client - I know the client can get it from the app store but that only seems to be on offer to the business users (what about the pro users) ?

Apologies once again if this is covered somewhere else within this community

Hello, @Gary

I will clarify on these questions.


Hello Gary.

Yes, you can do that. However, at the moment blynk doesn’t provide an option to charge the users on your behalf. In other words - you can do that only manually right now (charge every user directly by yourself without blynk involved).

Correct. Pro plan is for 40 devices/users. Pro 100 is for 100 devices/users.

would I be able to deactivate any client that has not paid their monthly fee ?

Yes. With PRO account you have an option to manually “deactivate” any user within your organization hierarchy.

Correct. Business user has it’s own standalone branded app. PRO user’s client should use Blynk App. That’s one of main differences between PRO and business. Business has it’s own app, while PRO users have to use Blynk IoT app.

Another difference between PRO and Business plan is next: in PRO you would need to invite each user manually (and create organization for them). In Business they can self-register without manual work on your side.

When is the Blynk.Discovery is coming?

I can’t say when it’s coming because it’s a very complex feature (technically). What I can tell that it’s not Q1-Q2 2023, unfortunately.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I would like to get the features offered in the business plan but I am afraid the monthly fee is a bit high for a business just starting out - it would be nice if there was a business level plan to cater for 10 devices (for example) - I guess the general way forward is to start at pro and develop a client base until a business plan is more tenable.