How do I use Virtual Pins?

Hello guys!

Some guys can help me use vitural pin in Blynk app. I still dont understand !

Thanks for your helping

Your title is completely wrong in reference to your question. And searching the forums for “virtual pin help” would have led you to answers.

For example, check out this link >here<

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Hello guy !

I have a nodeMCU and I still dont understand how can use LCD in Blynk.

I give example that: When i click button the LCD will show “Open Door” and when I dont the LCD will show “Closed Door”. By the way, I dont understand how to use Virtual Pin.

Thanks for your helping.

It really is not complicated, however you haven’t yet checked out the link (links are in green) that I already sent you in my first post (above) about virtual pins.

You can also find other great examples, including LCD, in Blynk’s example browser >here<. That will be your best way of understanding how all the widgets and virtual pins work.

Load and try a few of the examples, then try modifying them for your needs. And then if you need any help with a specific issue, you can post your code. >please follow these guidelines < And then we (fellow Blynk users) will try and help.

Just an FYI, there is unfortunately no color coding on links from the phone, so he might have misunderstood the ‘here’ is actually the link :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Blasted SwiftKey always have to edit posts. Writing in 3 different languages screws it up sometimes I guess >.<

Ah… thanks for the insight :+1: I have been occasionally been bracketing links like >this< as well… I guess I shall start doing that all the time now :wink: