(How do I recover my deleted projects or my energy?) Como recupero mis proyectos borrados o mi energia?

sin querer borré mis proyectos realizados en blynk app y cuando creo un nuevo proyecto mi energia es 0. como puedo recuperar mis proyectos? o como puedo recuperar mi energia por defecto? tengo la version 2.13.3

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Without wanting to delete my projects made in blynk app and when I create a new project my energy is 0. how can I recover my projects? Or how can I recover my energy by default? I have version 2.13.3

@Rasec As this is a predominantly English speaking forum, please try to use Google Translate if necessary. I have already added translation to your post this time. Thank you.

Projects are actually stored on the Cloud server. so as long as you log in with your same account info, they will be there even if you have to delete the app and restore it.

EDIT - If however you actively delete a project in the app, then is is gone. You can save then by Cloning them and saving the QR code that is generated, then later scan in the QR code and the project will restore (but will need new auth code).

You can “recycle” widgets (drag them to the top of the screen) to get back energy for other projects, or you can purchase more energy through the app via Google Play services

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I reinstalled the application and connect to the server with my account but there is no project and my energy is still zero, I do not have the cloning of the projects … could I help you recover them?
Another question, if I have a local server would the projects be stored there?

Whichever server you created the project on is where it is stored. Were you using the Blynk Cloud Server or a Local Server of your own?

@Rasec please tell me your login name.

I’m using the blynk server

My username is: rasec.
Please, I do not know what’s the problem

My username is: rasec.

I’m having the same difficulty.
deletes old designs without recycling items.