How do I grab sensor data from another Android phone?

How do I grab sensor data from another Android phone?
I would like to use the standard Blynk App on one android phone (say, like a host) and request and receive data from the sensors on a different Android Phone (a client, lets call it). This can be connected via USB, WiFi, NFC, etc.

One typical use might be to request a snap from the camera, and the GPS/location data. We can assume the “client” Android is rooted and has the permissions it needs.

I believe this may require the compilation of some kind of App on the “client” Android using the Android API (Java), which feeds the data back to the Blynk App on the “host” Android.

Is there already a solution out there? What is the right way to go about finding a solution?

I guess it would, do you have experience building Android apps?

did you try bridge widget? i think it should do the trick.

@wanek I think the OP is looking for something more advanced the Bridge widget as they mention taking photos but yes Bridge would work for Android sensors and a Blynk installation on the client device.

It appears to be a well resourced community, and well documented:

But in theory, it should interact the same way my compiled Arduino code interacts with Blynk – except there are probably no libraries for it yet.

I’ll look more into bridge widget, but it does not appear to be a mobile to mobile solution – more of a arduino to arduino type solution (or whatever hardware you are using).

it is not mobile to mobile. rather mobile to mcu.
than one mcu can transfer the data to the other mcu. than that can transfer to phone. also, multimedia transfer is not possible, only data. but it is more than nothing, and not complicated to setup.

data is most important, i’ll definitely look into it.
Also, It could be this question is more about Android than Blynk – so more appropriate in their forums.