How Decrease Notify Time Period Allow?

How Decrease Notify Time Period Allow?

Is 15s too long to wait?

Check if you have a local server and you should find the relevant flag.

cpp -maximum allowed number of notification queue. Queue responsible for processing email, pushes, twits sending. -Because of performance issue - those queue is processed in separate thread, this is required due -to blocking nature of all above operations. Usually limit shouldn't be reached. notifications.queue.limit=**??????**
How can i do that?

An Other Question How can i have several map address like as it

cpp int index = 1; float lat = 51.5074; float lon = 0.1278; myMap.location(index, lat, lon, "value"); int index1 = 1; float lat1 = 51.5074; float lon1 = 0.1278; int index1 = 1; float lat1 = 51.5074; float lon1 = 0.1278; int index1 = 1; float lat1 = 51.5074; float lon1 = 0.1278; myMap.location(index1, lat1, lon1, "value"); myMap.location(index2, lat2, lon2, "value"); myMap.location(index3, lat3, lon3, "value");

is it true? for 3 addresses?

Other -
How can i get lat and lon From App(not hardware and write manual on sketch)) and shown on widget

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What do you think this is about?

#this setting defines how often we can send mail/tweet/push or any other notification. Specified in seconds
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i know that but when i changed 15 to 3 or 5 no changes were made.

You are using a local server, right?
You have in the correct directory, right?
You restarted the server after the change, right?
Precisely how did you test that the change didn’t have any effect?

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after some try restart it’s working
Thank You.