How create prompt comand?

I have a small problem. I can not send the Token to my e-mail. Sorry my english, i’m brazilian.

edit file
mail.smtp.starttls.enable=true <---- if google
mail.smtp.password=your password

Sorry. But I do not know how to create. Why they said they can not just the .txt file and then edit. Must be done via command prompt.

you can edit with the Blynk Administration Dashboard

I just did it. But the file is not generated.


you can edit with notepad, and save without any extension ( no .txt)
but where is ??


When I ran (server-0.41.6-java8) only those folders appeared. Weird. Why I saw a user with the same problem of mine. In his case it was a MAC. My problem is that I can not send the Token to my email. The problem can only be there

from scratch :

I do not know what it can be. I’ve read the Tutorial about 100x, the only thing I do not know is to create the mail and server files.

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I already watch this video.

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copy and past in your notepad

or download them here

I copied and edited the two files (mail and server). But I still can not send the Token.

15:26:19.417 ERROR- Error sending email auth token to user : Error: 534-5.7.9 Application-specific password required. Learn more at
534 5.7.9 34sm4087860qtq.59 - gsmtp

gmail password is wrong

Is not. I already looked.:frowning_face:

Can you use another email, other than gmail?

yes you can, you just need to change smtp and probably the port , not sure

maybe you are using the google 2-Step-Verification ?

Yes. But it did not work before.