How can i change "ssid" and "pass" using blynk app

How can i change “ssid” and “pass” using blynk app

Tell us more about what you’re trying to achieve and why.


Do you want to change SSID with a virtual button while you are connected?

If you are provisioning use wifimanager

what is wifimanager?

yes i want to change SSID & PASS using mobile app

Have you thought this through?
You need the device (NodfeMCU, Arduino + ESP-01 or whatever hardware you’re trying to change the SSID and Password on) to be connected to the Wi-Fi network before the Blynk app can talk to it. For that to work it needs to have been told what SSID and Password to use.

There are solutions, such as WifiManager, Blynk.inject and one that came-up today called Autoconnect. However, unless you tell us what you’re trying to achieve in more detail we cant really say which would be best for your situation.

If you’re not sure what any of these systems do, or if they’re what you’re looking for, then do a bit of googling and searching of the forum.


i try to use wifimanger but i dont know how it work
i want to make the ESP at first as a hotspot to can configure the SSID &PASS then it will connect to this configuration automatically

Have you looked at Blynk.Inject?

I guess my previous advice fell on deaf ears :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Blynk.inject is what i want
thank you very much

blynk.inject worked nice thank you

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