How and where to modify the PIN INDEX of Virtual DATASTREAM of the device on the App

I am trying the blynk as a beginner and encountered many questions. now the one:
I have created a device in android app. One of the widget is switch control, and found that I can’t change the PIN INDEX of the Virtual DataStream, and found nowhere to modify it. I create 2 Virtual DATASTREAM and they are all V0.
How and where to modify the PIN INDEX of Virtual DATASTREAM?

Creating a datastream, and assigning a datastream to a widget are two different actions.

I’d recommend creating your datastreams in the web console.

When you come to select the datastream within the widget edit screen of the app, the list of available datastreams will be filtered to only show the appropriate types for that widget. For example, if the widget requires a String data type only, then only datastreams that have been set-up with string data types will be shown in the dropdown list.


there’s a lots of valuable information in the documentation, make sure to check it out