How access to my homebridge out of the local network

hi guys,I am running blynk in local server raspberry pi and blynk homebridge library on ios 10.2
when I connected to wifi homebridge is work fine but when I connect to the LTE gsm my homebridge stop work and can not accessible.
how can I access them anywhere outside of the home?

I’m not familiar with this library myself… However if it access it over your internal IP, you could use a DDNS service to point it to your public IP.

Or ask the library developer.

you have to forward port 443 on your router.

there are two options to solve your problem you can use blynk server library and than you can access
home from anywhere with your project id or second is forward local server port to your network ip

@jaspinder1 Please take note of time date stamps before posting… this is an old topic and your answer was generic at best.