How about a expanding Blynk to run on a web page

I know this is a very tall order and probably way off topic for the current cause. Blynk is totally awesome and so easy to implement. We use Blynk to manage our solar tracker systems. Works great. But business is better and we now need to support hundreds of trackers from multiple customers. How about going industrial? Here are some of my findings on how to produce a web page GUI control to an ESP example. Websockets(provides communication, no page reloads, real time data handshaking), Bootstrap(CSS, GUI development, this is where Blynk will shine), Jason(Data exchange, and Hasarnet(Virtual lan). For those that are not very familiar with CSS, I found Bootstrap studio. A drag and drop CSS/GUI tool. I would like to see a Blynk equivalent to run from a web page.

Check this out. A guy named Dominik figured out how to manage an ESP32 from a website.

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So you should already have a very good relationship with the guys from the commercial side of Blynk, over at, and be using one of the commercial plans. If not then you should be heading over there right now and fessing up to using Blynk for commercial purposes and working out a deal to get yourself legal.
If you talk to the guys from the commercial side they’ll tell you about the features of Blynk 2.0 which are being rolled-out to paying customers, which I think already includes most of what you’re looking for.

@Pavel - one for you to follow-up on?


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Thanks for this info. We are currently a paying customer to Blynk but I will look into a commercial plan if they offer. BTW, we have NOT sold anything using Blynk. Still in development and in testing phase. Misspoken in OP. We need a solution to support and monitor many devices(Large Solar Tracking Field) so we can move forward. We are using XBee too. I love this technology! Again, thanks for the heads up.

Hi Dean. I guess that when you say that you’re a “paying customer” you mean that you’ve bought energy to use in your app?
If so then you’re using the ‘developer’ version of the product and commercial use is strictly forbidden. It’s intended for exactly what you describe - testing and evaluation.

I’d recommend that you open a dialogue with the guys at and talk to them about your requirements as they have access to other features and tools that could make the product much more appealing to you.


Hi Dean,

We got your request and it seems we already replied back. Could you please check if you got it? Sometimes it gets to spam folder. Email should be from

I also checked our records and can’t find your company registered for commercial use, but we’d be happy to help with that. PM me if you didn’t get the email I mentioned above.

We have a scalable business solution with web interface, business management tools and much much more.

Look forward to talking to you.

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