Hope Blynk legacy could stay longer

Just like I said in title, I spent money and bought things in Blynk legacy. And I’m making school project with it, I will necer want to see Blynk legacy leave now. This will also make more problems for my project…
Blynk is very import for me(us), If Blynk can stay longer then I would be very grateful. Even one day


Adopt blynk.iot , best choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have to agree with Blynk_Coeur! As I assessed my Blynk journey, I have learned so much and done so much with the platform. Let’s be thankful that the founders are still allowing us “little guys” access to all the goodies. Time to move on and support them.

Now if we only had the dark theme… :slight_smile:

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