Home Sense

I have some additional work to do on the project, but I thought I would share the what I currently have.

The main goal of my project was to combine quite a few Ideas from others an begin to build my own “smart house”
Currently I am running everything on the local server, due to security concerns.

I will post the code once I get everything cleaned up

-Temperature and Humidity of main floor (control a thermostat via bypass relay)
-Basement Temperature
-Differential Pressure of furnace (how often is the furnace (forced air) running)
-Outdoor Temperature (compare Furnace DP frequency to outdoor temp)
-Photoresistors (She has a tendency to leave the lights on)
-Limit Switch (is the garage door open, another one of her tendencies)
-Garage Door Opener
-Thermostat (Relay to switch between OEM thermostat and arduino controlled thermostat.

Future Plans:
-I plan on updating to an Arduino Mega to incorporate more sensors and switches. With blynk the ideas are limitless.
-I have an arduino controlled incubator made in a dorm room refrigerator that I have hatched about 1000 quail out of. I would like to add mobile controls to it as well.
—Question: Is it possible to attach an HC-06 Bluetooth module to an Arduino and utilize the Blynk USB Serial COM connection to communicate?
-Add moisture sensors to plants around the house
-Add a doorbell indicator.
-Add terminal control, due to the sheer quantity of sensors and buttons that I plan to incorporate.

Any suggestions welcome.


Now that’s what I call the good stuff!

I have done a couple of things you mentioned. I’m using my lightsensors differently though because mine doesn’t leave the lights on haha. I just switch on/off all small lights based on the amount of light and the nightlight in the hallway. It’s all low power LED, so that’s good.

I love the idea of the incubator. I think a colleague of mine already has done so but without Blynk, but he had great succes in hatching chicks.

I’m looking forward to more of these adventures in these exciting new times! Myself, I was thinking about smart doors. I’d like to incorporate a switch and an ESP in doors to see if I need to turn on lights or stuff like that. Not sure how yet, but I’ll figure it out.

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