Home screen widget support

Hi follow blynkers.

Are there any plans for a home screen widget, at least for basic operations like button press or the like? Firing up the app, browsing through the various projects just to press one button to open my garage door takes a lot of time when you’re on the road waiting for the door :wink: .





I like this one. We need to investigate how much resources it will take.

Bump for this feature.

It’s a crucial one for the convenience of using Blynk, and it should be 1st thing on the feature list.

I have thought about this…another way to do this but most likely pretty complex in comparison is the way, the tasker app works, i.e. by compiling the code to be executable by itself. Kind putting a minimum blynk incl. the projects settings into a separate app, thus you might even pass the project to a family member for instance.


Yeap, we considered that in the begging. But this is really complex.


Would love this feature and also a custom URL scheme so that I can create an app icon that goes straight to a project and optionally triggers a button. (E.g. blynk://project_name)

It might be possible to integrate with existing “today” screen widgets like Vidgets on iPhone.

@Minc @pentiger @horsedung here you go New Android Release 1.16.1