Home screen shortcut on Android

Just found this features, supposed to open directy to the specific project right? unfortunately mine only open the last project I open from Blynk apps… Even though I create multiple shortcut from different project the result always showing the same project (last opened)

I just tested with 4 different projects and all works as advertised… what is the App version and Android version you are running?

LG G6 Android 7.0
Blynk 2.14.6



I just tried again and found out that the issue only happend when the apps still reside in memory (background), when I manualy closed the apps and cleared up memory, it works… :slight_smile:


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As far as I have checked, it happens when you open the App using the shortcut AND after that, you change to other Project. At this point, if you exit from the APP without closing it, the Shortcut goes directly to the last Project viewed.

I think this shouldn’t happen, the shortcut should always point at the original project. What do you think @BlynkAndroidDev?

Confirmed… strange.

Hm, probably it’s a bug, as on devices with Android 5/6/7 shortcuts should lead strictly to the project. We’ll check.

Android 6 in my case. (ZTE Axon 7)


Hi there!
It seems I can’t find the way to add the “home screen shortcut” (despite I did it a few weeks ago…:sweat:)
Can somebody be so kind to tell me where I can find it?? It should be really easy but I’m getting crazy :confused: !

Thanks in advance!

Long press on your phone’s home screen until the option for widgets (and wallpapers, etc.) pops up, then look for the Blynk widgets that are available.

In the app the button should be on the project settings’ screen. Hm, seems we hided it.We will fix it soon.

:flushed:, it means I’m not as crazy as I thought :wink:

@Gunner, @BlynkAndroidDev, thanks for your help and clarification, I’ll look again in the new APP release.

Kind regards

Thanks @BlynkAndroidDev, :slight_smile:

Kind regards!

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