History of the data available via web

Hi guys,
This is my first post here.
I am playing with Blynk… and I believe it is an excellent project!

I have a question in relation to the history of the data collected:
I am wondering if exist a web application that let review the data from the web-browser (similar to History Graph widget)
After some research, I suspect that it does not exist, can you confirm ?


…I know that it is possible to export the CSV, and it is possible to get data via API, but I was thinking something like ThingSpeak

Not entirely sure what this means but you can use Blynk’s Webhook widget to send data to (or receive data from) 3rd parties like Thingspeak, GoogleSheets, Wunderground etc.

before I meant a “native” Blynk web-site that shows the history of the data graphically…
yes thanks! I just found Webhook in the documentation and it looks basically what I need

We are working on it.

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and thanks for your answers