History Graph scaling/legend mismatch in IOS?


first of all compliments for all the work on the Blynk App.

After doing an extensive search throughout the forum,I could not find a similar post.
Seems that for the IOS 1.6 version the History Graph has an issue with autoscaling values. It changes depending on the ‘min/max’ vales of the plotted data? As can be seen in the screenshot the actual temperature is at 18.9 degrees, but in the History Graph it is at 15 degrees:

(also note that the Gauge shows a rather basic rounding behavior: 18.9 becomes 18?)

But for data with a smaller min/max range, scaling is ok for the History data:

Data comes from a basic arduino sketch (using the latest blynk-library) with a single DHT22 and temperature/humidity send to V1 and V3, and humity send to V2 and V4 once every second:
void sendUptime()
Blynk.virtualWrite(1, DHT.temperature);
Blynk.virtualWrite(2, DHT.humidity);'
Blynk.virtualWrite(3, DHT.temperature);
Blynk.virtualWrite(4, DHT.humidity);

Is this already a known issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

P.S. I cannot trace back a detailed changelog for the Apps updates. Is there such an overview?
And it would also prevent bug-notifications on already identified bugs if a ‘to-be-fixed’ list would exist.

Kind regards, Michiel

hi guys,

i am also having a mismatch between the values on the graph and what they should be. they seem offset by 2-3 (when the value is 10º it actually shows it around 7º on the graph)

also ios

/edit you can see it here Environment & Electricity Consumption Dashboard while the value is 5.3, it is shown on the graf below the 5 gradation. that s actually a small deviation, but i ve seen it show -3 when it was actually about 1

@mclee1004 @tzapulica are you sure this is a bug? History graph shows values with 1 minute delay, while value display shows data in realtime. @tzapulica I know you are using local server. May you give me please your graph data + csv?

sure, is there any private data in there or can i just post it here?
my values are slow changing, so even if there would of been 3 hours of delay they should of been rather close

no. just time and value

here s a current snapshot, i ll fetch the logs as well

here s my full folder

which ones do you want?

Not gzipped csv for V10, V11, V12, V14 pins. and same for .bin

hope these are ok

Cool. @tzapulica thank you. Reproduced on iOS. Works fine on Android. We’ll fix.

This is how boolean graph looks like on android, for me thats also scaling problem… Instead of 0-1 and Y axis auto scaled to 0-1, I get some intermediate values and graph scaled to 5 which is useless and barely visible, I use for example:
Blynk.virtualWrite(V6, fireDetected);

I am having the same scale issue as Garreth after the IOS app update. Is there any way to correct? All I need is 0-1 but I get a graph scale of 0-5. Lots of wasted screen real estate and lines are barely readable.

@ashvetsov could you please have a look?

Any help you can provide will be appreciated

Trying once again to get some help on this.

It is not very encouraging to sit here for more than a week with no response to this issue, which I am obviously not the first one to raise. If it cannot be corrected, please let me know, but ignoring the issue is not very good customer support.

Hello. We are not ignoring you. Moreover - issue was fixed so we just waiting it to be published with Apple.

@ashvetsov am I correct?

@Dmitriy are you coming to SanFrancisco to WWDC?

@conkerkh I’m not. But maybe @Pavel could.