History Graph Scale

Over the last hour our ‘voltmeter’ has recorded a voltage drop from around 4.4V to 4.0V across a 3 X AA battery pack.

The screenshot below indicates a starting point of below 4.0V falling to around 3.5V i.e. the scale seems to be out. As I type this I see a similar finding was noted in November at Still an issue with history graph / graph scale on Android?

Looking at one of our temperature graphs where the reading is around 21.1 the graph is showing an ‘offset’ of some kind that clearly shows a temperature below 21 degrees. Difficult to assess the exact offset as temperature is slowly increasing but it doesn’t seem to be a fixed offset of 0.5 as it doesn’t appear to be showing around 20.6, more like 20.8.

@Costas that’s Andorid right?

Yes Android @Dmitriy

Hi @Costas

Is it the same with the latest build?

@BlynkAndroidDev quite difficult to say based on the scales you provide but I would say the bug is still there with the latest build. Temperature is currently around 19.6 degrees and the graph is showing just over 19 degrees.

Ok, i’ll try to check again what goes wrong, seems it was not fixed with graph library version update=(

@Costas history graph works correctly, the only bug is showing integers on Y axis, there should be floats. in your case it’s 0 - 1.25 - 2.5 - 3.75 - 5

will be fixed in the next release build