History Graph Not showing data Virtual Pin


I’ve setup an ESP to read my Electricity meter and it returns the current kWh with 3 decimals like so: 0.845 (values between 0.001 and 2.000).
When I virtualWrite this to the Labeled Value widget it shows as it expected.

But when I use the same virtual pin for the History Graph nothing shows:

Please check whether you are sending correct number values. Refer this post: (SOLVED) History Graph not working with Photon and iPhone - #2 by Eugene

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Please post code that sends values to server.

Hi Guys,

It seemed the data was just a little delayed. After a day it started showed up.


Sounds like you were on the wrong range setting… e.g. 1m when there is no data to show for the past month… or you have some really strange delays in your code :wink: