History graph max and min values


I observed (in Ios) that in a History graph the max and min values when in auto mode are determined by the max and min values of all data stored instead of the max min values of the time range selected (1h, 6h, 1d…)
In this case, if I have a large value in a whole day but I just want to see the last hour, I can’t see a detailed graph because the max value stored few hours ago…
I think the max and min values should be calculated for the time range selected, isn’t it?

I hope I have do a good explanation…

this is how mine work.

yours should do this too.

are you sure your graph is set to “auto” not “custom” in the graph menu?

Yes I’m sure is in auto.

If I set 1 day right now I can see max of 21° and min of 18° I can see the graph arriving to those limits
if I set 1 month, max is 21° and min is 18° and I just see a line going from 20.4° to 19.6° (yesterday morning I delete the data stored) so it’s not arriving to those limits.
If I set 1h i can see same limits and the graph is a more or less centered wave going from 19.9 to 20.4°.

I’m sending a float to the V2 pin of a labeled display with label configured like this: //pin.##/°C

Now I’m wondering that my values are too short and the minimum graph bounds are just 2°? Can it be?