History Graph for digital signals

Good day
At present I am using Blynk, amongst other projects, to monitor my garages. As well as detecting whether the doors are open or closed, I am also using a History Graph widget to tell me approximately when a door opened and for how long. Unfortunately, the History Graph seems to have an averaging filter on it which smooths out the signal a lot causing a short duration digital signal to be almost a flat line. In these 2 examples below, the first is the response over 6 hours which shows quite well but when looking at the days response, the information is lost.

What I am requesting is that the widget is modified to allow us to be able to turn off the filtering for the displaying of short duration digital signals correctly.
Hopefully this can be implemented quite easily and quickly.


Yes, I need that too. We are thinking about giving an ability to apply different filters, like median + something for digital signals

This should help.

Love your setup BTW. Every time I look at someone’s project, it makes me proud of Blynk design :blush:


Thanks for the speedy reply. While we are on this topic of the history graph, if possible I would also like to see an option for the time axis between 1 day and 1 week. When displaying slowly changing variables 1 day does not provide enough info but 1 week is just too much info to be able to use properly. 3 days would be a more useable timeframe (see example below displaying temperature and pressure trend). Not sure if anyone uses the 3 month option but maybe delete 3 month and replace with 3 days?

Thanks for a great app :slight_smile: .

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