History graph bug

Hi everybody.
I see a kind of “bug” in the legend of the History graph.
I put the name of what I’m measuring but when I do the app logout and then login, the legend name change and keep the last reading registered in virtual port.
Everything works fine only the caption is changing.

I don’t believe the problem is in my program because this was working fine for a month ago.

Julio Talhate

Hi. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the report,

What version of the app are you using?


I am using 1.0 RC9 (October 26).
Android 5.1.1


I have the same problem.

@Jtalhate @Dmitor please check this issue with the new release, it’s already available.

I did the update to 1.0 RC10 but the problem remains the same.

Here too, even after the update.

Unfortunately, the problem is not solved

@Jtalhate @jlima2001 @Dmitor hm, thanks for reporting, seems it could be not an app’s, but server’s issue. we’ll update you later.

@Jtalhate @jlima2001 @Dmitor please check again.

Hi, Dmitriy!

I have a problem with a negative values in the history graph widget.
It seem like this blue line in the history graph:

Vlues are present.

Here it seems to be working.
thanks and congratulations for the beautiful work.
Julio Talhate

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Thank you. Now the normal measurement display items recovered .