Historical data from multiple devices

I am happy to see that Blynk now supports multiple devices per project. But what about the history graph?
In this project I have two temperature sensors from two different EPS8266 devices. I can see the values in my project, but I cannot plot the two values in one history graph? Or am I missing something?

Hello. You are right. You may try device selector for now until we find better solution.

Hi Guys,

New to community but already created lot of small project with Blynk !
I recently have the opportunity to monitor a few greenhouses for a friend and require the use of multiple ESP8266 to take sensor values from about 10 points. I already have a working prototype and correctly send values to Blynk (DHT22 and Battery Voltage). I already checked the multi device usage and figured out how to use with each a different token. The fact is (related to this subject sorry for the long intro) I need to do historical graph of sensors in same greenhouse together. It seems I can only take values from 1 device into a graph ? That lead me to also think of sending data to EmonCMS or another to be able to do graphs. Do I miss something ? Can I use the same token and just put values to different VPin, this does not seems to work well… Any advices ?

@Sarouman You could try to use bridge; Select one device as a “master” (for bridge purposes) and send bridge data to it from each other device. Then display each value from the “master” on a History Graph Widget or two.


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@Sarouman, I use same token in 4 devices in home reading temperature of 4 diferent rooms, no problem showing them in hystorical graph…

@darkmoon thanks, I need to retry my multi devices using same token, at one point when I added the 3rd one it stop showing new values of the first one. Maybe I jump to fast on the panic button :slight_smile: