High Numbered Virtual Pin Bug- Possibly RTC related. (Wemos D1 Mini... and others?)

Just for reference, I’m using the latest Blynk library, Ard IDE 1.6.9. and a Wemos D1 mini.

I don’t really know when it began but I started having some RTC widget issues- it just wasn’t working right. I heard someone on here say it could be the latest IDE (.11) that is the issue, so I downgraded to .9, used the basic RTC sketch and I’ve found two issues:

I’ve noticed this in my other code, but putting a ‘V’ in front of the virtual pin number- not just for the RTC widget- results in a compile error. This only happens for higher numbered pins… Not an issue if I put ‘V5’.

BLYNK_ATTACH_WIDGET(rtc, V105); << Not working with Blynk simple esp.

The rabbit hole goes further. The code DOES compile and upload if I get rid of the V, but if I use pin 105 for my RTC widget, the widget does NOT work correctly (doesn’t seem to be communicating the proper value to arduino). However, if I change to pin 5, or V5, the widget DOES work.

Any thoughts?

Edit: even deeper rabbit hole- RTC doesn’t work on pin 105, but I can assign it to V5, and send the correct hour to pin 106 :smile:

Please try latest library from master branch, or wait for upcoming release of the library…

Does the master branch have a fix for RTC providing String timezone’s rather than the normal UTC?

yes, but it depends also on what server you use. latest server should send string

@vshymanskyy but what do we do with the String?

@Dmitry may explain better.
Also, there’s this thread: Timezone conversion for the Time Input widget