Hiding the value text shown in a label widget

Is there a trick to hide the ‘VALUE’ text showed by the label widget?

One or more spaces where it says “Value Display”.


That did it. Thank you.

Why? You can just erase everything and that’s it. (In case this is the latest app version.)

@Emilio FYI

On iOS app version 2.20.0(3), with a Labelled Value widget, the word “VALUE” will always appear unless there is text in the field that contains the words “Value Display”. Deleting the words “Value Display” isn’t possible, they only disappear it you type a space character in there.


Ah. I see. Yeap, on iOS this is not yet done.

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Good, if that will be done for the iOS in the future, the label’s font will increase in size slightly .

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Nothing new there then! :rofl::rofl:

Actually, yes. In the button widget if you leave the title empty, the text in the ON/OFF labels does increase proportionally.

Hi @Emilio, my “nothing new there’s then” comment was meant to be in reply to Dmitriy’s comment that it hadn’t been done for iOS yet, as iOS is always lagging behind Android.