Help with the industrial commercial project

I have a industrial commercial project requirement of around 50 devices . I have to give them lisence of two years of the app(here blink). How can I use commercial pacakge of blynk which is at least for 1000 devices. For two years it is too much $168 x 12 x 2.
Is there any packages for 50 device ?

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Hi @biswajijei02

50 devices fall into category of under 1000 devices. You will get your or your client-branded apps for iOS and Android, dedicated server, and technical support reply.

Due to the app development complexity we can’t go lower the current pricing.

Package for 1000 device cost out of my budget. As I have to deploy only 50 device . How many maximum devices I can deploy in free version ?

None, the free version cannot be used for commercial purposes.


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Also multi device for one account not available in $166 package which is strange! Why is that i

What is the fair price for 50 devices from your point of view?

Small packages with proper planning will be beneficial for both blynk and developers.

Let’s see for current package : $166 per month . If I go for yearly package it’s $400 less. So for 1 year it’s $1592. So as an average $1.59 /device/year .

if we charge $2.5/device/year [X1.5] for 50 devices it will be $125 per year. So I think $120 to $130 range is optimum .one thing we can do is make it necessary for small pacakges to opt for only yearly package no monthly deals . This way it will be beneficial for Blynk.

Blynk is a nice tech with good interface . If price is a hurdle for it’s adaption then it may lag while other open source and small new products will bloom .

Also kindly consider multiple device per user in every package you provide so users can develop amazing apps in every package . As blynk charging $$ per device so why not? Let’s User use as many as device they want in a single project.

I’m not connected to Blynk in any way, so feel free to ignore my thoughts if you wish :slightly_smiling_face:

One of the issues is that commercial users get their own dedicated cloud server, and the setup and hosting cost of that, along with the setup cost for your dedicated app, are considerable. There is no real economy of scale if this server/app will be used for just one device/user or a thousand.
My guess is that it takes Blynk at least a year of subscription to claw-back their setup costs for a 1,000 device account. Don’t forget that there are also the ongoing support and maintenance costs, account management costs etc, plus the hosting, data storage and data backup costs.

Of course, the other thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the cost of the R&D of the initial product (some of which was crowdfunded) and the ongoing development costs. Blynk is a business that has made a substantial investment in its intellectual property and isn’t operating as a charity or not-for-profit organisation.

If you wanted to develop a similar product from scratch you’d be talking hundreds of thousands of dollars and several person-years of work to get a product that was anywhere near the Blynk free product, never mind the paid product.

Possibly, but open source products are very difficult to work with in a commercial environment, unless you have an in-house development team that oversee the version control and customisation, as open source products have very little oversight of the development programme.
Small companies have the same issue that you’re encountering with Blynk - they have high start-up costs and need to recoup their costs in some way, otherwise they’ll be unable to survive and the time and energy (and subscription costs) that you’ve invested will be lost and you’ll be left without the software needed to support your business and you’ll probably have lost your historic data.

Just my 2 cents worth…


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There was mention of a new pricing structure geared towards small businesses and individuals with the new (ever illusive) BLYNK 2.0. Although, there are not many details on it. To be honest, this is the feature I am most excited about.

New product for small businesses and individual use

This product is in the works, but this will be a way for individuals and smaller companies to be able to easily launch low volume fleets of commercial projects.

I agree with it, but if they allow us to run our own local server then this problem will not arise. But buying energy must be only through cloud so that they can generate revenue. Giving as much energy as needed in local server must be removed.

This is what most of us in the community are waiting for…

For commercial use let them double the energy cost of what it is now. But recurring cost is something most users hate like (subscription).

I wish this will be launched before one more pandemic hits us hard.
I want to taste this before I die.

@Madhukesh I’m not sure that your plans would work from several perspectives, including management and support. I also don’t see how it would be economical for Blynk to adopt this model, but we’ll see what the future holds.

Personally, I think this topic should be kept to the issues raised by @biswajijei02, and that discussions of this type should take place elsewhere.


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May be i have not expressed what i mean to say properly.
Let us see what they bring up in Blynk 2.0

And also the new plans…

I guess there is no harm in sharing our ideas or suggestions. No matter where we discuss it.

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