Help with RGBW LED SK6812

I’m Italian boy, and this is my fist post and scuse me for my english.
I want to control RGBW led strip SK6812 , RGB+White led, with blynk.
I tryed to control it with this project
but the color of led are’n right. If i push red button in the app, the strip mix the color, with one led different by other.
I need yor help.
Thank you.

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@Jamin is a user here. He last visited the forum 10 days ago, so he might see this post ad chip-in.

This project is a couple of years old, and libraries like FastLED change quite quickly, so it could be that something has changed that’s preventing this from working now if you have the latest libraries installed.

It’s also possible (likely even) that your LEDs aren’t wired up correctly.
I’d try running a basic FastLED sketch to see if that works correctly. I suspect it wont, in which case I’d check all of your wiring very carefully.


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as the ship [edit by Pete Knight - I think that should say SK6812 rather than ship - don’t you just love autocorrect?] is relatively new i searched it and found a post showing the differences and the post has comments maybe useful


Thanks @scropion86, useful link.

I took the liberty of editing your post because I think autocorrect did it’s thing. I hope you don’t mind.



Hi, thank you for your reply.
So, I use the library that Jamin used in his project, and the new fast led Lybrary, too, but it’s the same things.
I checked my wiring and it’s all ok.

So pyou looked at the link that @scropion86 provided and didn’t think that this comment:

“Another thing to note is that the colour sequence of the SK6812 is in standard order (RGB) instead of with the red/green swapped (WS2812 accepts colours in GRB order)”

might have something to do with the problem you’re experiencing?


Thank for you reply @PeteKnight. I try with RGB order, and WS2812B led Type, but the result is this:

This is the color when i press the Red button in the Blynk app; every led is different color.

by searching SK6812 in GitHub i found this library you can test it and let us know the result , maybe this can help others.

Thank you. I’m just trying to use NeoPixel Library, because it is RGBW led, not RGB, and in a couple of days, i hope to share my solution.

I also have the problem of the leds blinking in different colours, but it does not make any change when i change the colour in the Blynk App. Would be happy if you could share your solution. Im controlling with an NodeMCU ESP32

SK6812 3535 RGBW addressable led datasheet:

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