Help with receiving analog data through HC-05

Hi, I’m brand new to all of this and I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. I’m looking to receive analog data from a Sparkfun Pro Micro 3.3v through an HC-05 bluetooth module onto my phone. The data being received is from the Sparkfun AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor. When looking at the example code for this, it seems to be writing about virtual pins, however I am trying to get analog data so I’m not sure how that applies.
The original code I used for the arduino alongside processing was as follows:

void setup() {
 // initialize the serial communication:
 pinMode(10, INPUT); // Setup for leads off detection LO +
 pinMode(11, INPUT); // Setup for leads off detection LO -


void loop() {
 if((digitalRead(10) == 1)||(digitalRead(11) == 1)){
   // send the value of analog input 0:
 //Wait for a bit to keep serial data from saturating

This code worked when connecting to the computer through USB and using a processing interface to see a graph. How should I alter the example code given for the Pro Micro with an HC-05 in order to get it to do what I want? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The end goal of using blynk is to have a graph on the phone display the analog data being received.

You need to start at the beginning…

Connect your type of board to Blynk via the USB link - Turns your PC into an oversized USB to Ethernet Adaper to connect baasic Arduinos to the Blynk Cloud Server:

Read up about virtual pins:

And reading sensor data:

Also, if you are wanting to use Blynk with BT/BLE…

…then you need to realise that the BT/BLE serial interface is “hidden” from you, as it is used strictly for Blynk communication between App <-BT/BLE-> Hardware instead of the usual App <-internet-> Cloud Server <-internet-> Hardware. All other data transfer between your sensors and the Display Widgets is via virtual pins.