Help with heating controller and scheduler

How can I add this screen setup to Blynk?
I scan the Qcode but its not taking it, do I need to buy it?

Regards Lars

QR code works for me.
My guess is that you are scanning it from the login screen, not from the QR code symbol at the top of the screen…


How can I get this working for ESP32?

I scan direct from Blynk and hold camera on the code in this forum, still not work

When scan the code on this page, I get the battery icon and it says “you need more energy” ???
Do I need to pay money?

You either need to buy sufficient energy to allow you to add the required widgets (my energy went down by 10,100 when I scanned the QR code) or set-up a local server and award yourself unlimited energy.


You’d need to change the library from the ESP8266 to ESP32 ones, re-map all of the GPIOs and work around the fact that esp.restart does t work the same way with the ESP32.


I have 5600 balance and still cant code the QR
How much balance do I need?

I am new with ESP32 and no coding expert, is there a quick guide you can give me howto?
You mention change library and remap all GPIOs, sounds very difficult?


I’ve already taken the time to answer that for you…


Why not do the sensible thing and spend a couple of euros on a NodeMCU?


I need esp32 to my car and connect it with a relay and a thermometer DS82xxx.
I want wifi and BLE to work but I cant get it work for my Iphone, any suggestion?
I cant see the ESP32 as a bluetooth hardware from my Iphone8, Actually I want to use another App beside Blynk to control ESP32!
But as always, its not work and there is no code for it…

This has now turned in to you hijacking the original topic, and there is no sign of this coming to a conclusion soon, so I’ve moved your discussion to a new topic.

That’s quite a difficult thing to achieve, but there is a library created by @khoih that may be of use - once you’ve developed you coding skills further. Please don’t hijack @khoih’s posts about his libraries, keep the conversation within this topic.

That’s not likely to work well, as Blynk tends to want exclusive control over the communication protocol so that it can be instantly responsive to widget changes within the app.

The heating controller project is designed for a household heating system. If you’re planning to use this within a vehicle then it’s probably an overkill and an expensive way to implement t your project because of the Blynk energy requirements.

Maybe you should take a step back and outline the functional requirements of your project and seek advice from community members on whether or not your project seems viable.


Very good thoughts from you Pete, I really appreciate your note!, I am just surprice that no one had come with a easy solution for BLE relay and temp for ESP32, there must be many coding people in the world,
If I gonna buy this bluetooth solution I want, it will cost me 200euro with app included!!!, So I thought ESP32 would be a much cheaper way, but now when you mention it wont work with esp32, well thats not good news.

It could work with BLE, with suitable modification - but it appears you don’t have the coding skills to do that.

There probably are more suitable Blynk projects created by community members, but you’ve picked a household thermostat project that you want to modify to do something else - but you haven’t specified what that something else is.

TBH, people don’t really use BLE for ‘serious’ projects because by its very nature it is a technology that doesn’t lend itself to IoT in the same way that WiFi, Ethernet or GPRS does. If you’re wanting to use BLE because in some situations WiFi won’t be available then you’ll struggle - not only with Blynk but with other systems too.


If you check DEFA bluetooth HUB for car as an example, also their app included, That is the solution I want for ESP32!, DEFA use bluetooth and app which are suiteable for Iphone! But pay 200euro for a such easy thing its riddicilous. Its just a relay and a Termo they use…Regards Lars

It seems that the majority of reviews for the DEFA Bluetooth HUB are 1 star and most of the complaints are about the Bluetooth connectivity…

The Bluetooth hub has connection issues, it’s very unstable and hard to connect to

The app does NOT stay logged in for more than a few hours, meaning you have to manually login everyday… Even several times a day

Unstable, can not establish connection several times a day with my car

As I said before…

You’d be better-off going for a WiFi or GPRS solution. The GPRS data plan may cost you a little money, but it will take a long time before you spend 200 euros on data.


Okey, so If I use ESP32 as wifi connection!
Can I still reach it without home network connected within the area?, just as standalone with iphone and esp32 and control relay and see temperature?

Not without using Bluetooth, or running a local server that acts as a WiFi hotspot within the car. Even then you’d need to be within WiFi range of the car’s hotspot.

If you used GPRS then the ESP32 within the car would connect to the internet and you’d be able to control/query it from anywhere in the world if you wanted to.


Well thats the whole point, I must reach esp32 and connect thru bluetooth, GPRS need a simcard and impact phonebill, I just need a standalone setup as DEFA I mention you about!
So you mention server?, I dont want equipment to drain car battery!