Help with hacking Bluetooth RGB controller

I bought the same but Bluetooth. Can I use it with separated RGB LEDs. I’m trying to convert a light bulb that uses several actual led bulbs in it. They have green, red, and blue. Each color has a + and - wire. Can I connect all the + together to v+?

I don’t really see any similarities, and the “AC IN” implies that it’s mains powered rather than 12v like the device I hacked.
Does it even have an ESP processor?


It has a built-in 110V to 12V transformer.

Well its a bulb for my pool. Presently it is a bunch of LED lights (not an RGB LED bulb but a bunch of Red Leds, Blue Leds, and Green Leds) that are controlled via RF remote. This is what it looks like:

I want to use this device to convert it from RF to Bluetooth:


The issue I have is this bluetooth device seems to be for an LED strip. It has a common + and then each RGB has it’s own -. But my bulb has no common + so can I connect all the + together?

I’ve moved this to a topic of its own, as it is in no way related to the topic you originally posted in.
As the controller you’re using doesn’t appear to have an MCU that’s re-programmable then I doubt that it would be possible to use Blynk with this device either.