Help very urgent , having troubles with dfplayer connection

hey guys i have only 2 days to deliver my project and my dfplayer is suddenly doesn’t
read the sd card i don’t know what to do the connection is good and it worked very fine before can you please think of something that can Couse that error???

i try to connect it to 5/3.3V and try to format my sd card i switch to another one and no luck…
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Posting your whole sketch might help.

that is 500 lines…

but this is the part when it happened i think

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Posting screenshots of serial output and code is never a good idea. You’re var better copying and pasting the text and adding triple backticks at the beginning and end so that it displays correctly.

My guess is that if this was working previously and it’s not working now, then it’s a wiring connection issue rather than a software issue.
Is this built on a breadboard?


The wiring is 100% work i dont know what else can couse that problem

Have you tried a different SD card ?

It’s difficult to say without more information.


Yes i tried 2 different sd card, both of them working for my 3d printer
Pete what more information do you need?
I make sure wiring is good
Remove all other pins only the dfplayer is connected
Uploaded many time restart my computer…

What about the files ?
are you using the right structure, for example 0001.mp3 ?

Wa# it working before?
If so, what has changed since?
Is 9600 the correct baud rate?
What hardware are you using?
What does your sketch look like?
Have you uploaded the necessary files to your SD card?
Do the file names on the SD card match those in your sketch?
Etc. etc. etc….


Yes it worked perfectly
Im using 115200 baud
My hardware is esp32
The file name is 0001 0002…
Yes they match


mySerial.begin (9600, SERIAL 8N1, 16, 17) ;

I’ve asked you quite a few questi9ns, in the hole that you’d realise that you need to provide significantly more information if you want assistance in solving your problem.
You’ve answered a few of those questions with the shortest and least informative answers possible, and ignored the rest.

I’ll take a step back until you feel like being more informative.



I just got a new dfplayer and everything worked i guess the last one got fride some how
Thank you very much for the help🙏