Help! updated to Blynk 0.20.1 now Raspberry Pi boots to "Emergency mode"

i have Raspberry Pi Zero with NOOBS operating system i just downloaded the new Blynk server.jar

then ran the new server

then changed the crontab to the new server

then rebooted

and it went to emergency mode :frowning:

in the start up it showed a few fails, including something about “failed to mount /boot” and system-random-seed.service failure

how can i recover my Blynk server?!

i dont have another linux machine available…

i used DiskInternals Linux Reader and got my Blynk folder out of the SD card and then created a new Raspberry Pi server, then copied the Blynk folder & Blynk server.jar across and it worked first go…

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I renamed the .jar file in my installation folder to “server.jar”.
So for updating the server I just have to replace the old file with the new one and reboot.
To keep in mind which version I’m on I keep the file with the original name one folder above.

Maybe this could make things easier for you :wink:

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It was already pretty easy but this will definitely reduce the risk of clumsy fingers mistakes!

Instead of that, make a symlink to it, that way you still can see the original file version :slight_smile:

Update script, save it in the blynk folder and call it, chmod +x to make it executable. It works on my Pi. Change the BASE variable to your Blynk folder (where the server-x.xx.x.jar file is).

# Update script for Blynk Server on Linux-like systems.
# This script relies on the use of curl for fetching Blynk.jar file
# It also has a reference to "", which is my start script.
# My script refers to "server.jar" which is a symbolic link
# to the actual server.jar file. That way it's easy to use in startup
# routines etc.
# You can change the variables to your local situation (mine is a Raspberry
# Pi with OpenELEC, hence the Storage path).
# This is a really dirty script, it doesn't do RegEx, but just assumes
# that the URL for GitHub will always be the same length (which it
# probably will).

# BEGIN User variables, change these to your situation

# Base path to your Blynk server.jar file

# Startup script name (full path)

# The symlink used in startup file (full path)

# END USER VARIABLES, change below only if you are sure
# about it ;-)



echo "### Current version from Symlink ###"

echo "### New Version ###"

	echo "You are up to date"
	exit 0
	echo "New version available, downloading"

echo "Removing old Symlink and making new one"
ln -s server-$LATESTVERSION.jar server.jar

# Call the other startup script here
echo "Restarting Blynk server"
/bin/bash $BASE/ restart
echo "All done!"