Help! troble conntecting microbit with NodeMCU v1.0

Hi all,
I designed IoT activity to teach students to do IOT project with micro:bit and blynk applications.

I use micro:bit connect with NodeMCU v1.0 and use block coding to connect blynk.
But I stuck with how to connect micro:bit to blynk.

If anyone had experience about this please help me or any suggestions whether I should use other methods.

Best Regards

I know almost nothing about the micro:bit, but all the examples and discussions here on the forum seem to use Bluetooth communication.
Blynk IoT doesn’t (yet) support Bluetooth, you you’d have to use the Legacy version of Blynk and I believe that new cloud account sign-ups for Legacy are now closed.

Also, I’m a bit bemused by the concept of using a micro:bit alongside a NodeMCU. I guess that you could use the micro:bit to control the GPIO pins of the NodeMCU and then have your Blynk code running on the NodeMCU, but I think I must be missing something in the bigger picture of what it is you’re trying to achieve.


If you would like to use Bluetooth,then I recommend you to try MIT app inventor.